Speeding up decarbonization.
GIT is helping ship operators unlock a technical pathway to net zero emissions.
CII is coming.
Be prepared.
Shipowners are racing to lower their carbon footprint and boost fuel efficiency, as the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) soon comes into effect. XGIT-Fuel represents an attractive tool for reaching CII targets and achieving IMO compliance.
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marine coatings.
As a trusted partner in unlocking peak vessel efficiency, GIT's innovative marine coatings will help save you time and money across your global shipping fleet.
Bottom paint is the new bottom line.
Biofouling impacts the environment and ship energy efficiency.
Best-in-Class Marine Coatings

Unlocking peak
vessel performance.

GIT offers a full range of marine coating systems and EEXI compliance solutions for seafaring vessels. As a trusted partner in unlocking peak vessel efficiency, our smart protective coatings help ship operators save time and money as they race towards meeting their sustainability goals.

% Fuel Savings
GHG Emissions Reduction

Green innovation
for greener shipping.

Technology for maritime transportation

Super Slick

GIT is reinventing low friction surfaces. Our hard foul release marine coatings are best-in-class for reducing drag and boosting fuel efficiency.

Fighting Fouling

Our innovative line of coatings systems are effective at managing unnecessary marine growth, helping to unlock peak vessel performance.


With almost 4X better impact resistance than leading fuel efficiency marine coatings, GIT is pioneering a new era for durability and hull maintenance.

Our mission

Committed to a better planet.

“Green chemistry” is at the heart of GIT’s mission to produce environmentally friendly products. From our maritime shipping coatings that reduce biofouling and drag to our food-friendly aquaculture products, GIT is putting our best green foot forward as a leading materials engineering firm focused on green solutions.

Aerial view from drone, container ship or cargo ship in import export and business logistic.


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