Graphite Innovation & Technologies Launches an Awareness Pilot Program

Graphite Innovation and Technologies Inc. (GIT) is pleased to announce that it has launched a sustainable awareness program for our environmentally friendly marine coating, XGIT_Fuel™. Our objective is quite simple: to create visibility and awareness of the use of harmful coatings in Canadian waters and how newer products help stop the leaching of toxins into the environment.

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Announces Smart Protective Coatings Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced four projects today including the Smart Protective Coatings Project as a part of its core Technology Leadership stream of projects. With a total project value of more than $4.6 million, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will provide $2.2 million in funding with the balance coming from industry partners. The Smart Protective Coatings Project is led by Dartmouth-based SME, Graphite Innovation and Technologies, together with partners Horizon Maritime Services Ltd, and Mitacs.