GIT Launches Pilot Program for Disruptive Marine Coating

Halifax, Nova Scotia — Graphite Innovation and Technologies Inc. (GIT) is pleased to announce that it has launched an international strategic pilot program for its innovative marine coating, GrapheneCoat™. The objective is to develop strengthened partnerships in new markets.

“We are very excited to offer this program to potential parties around the world,” said GIT co-founder Mo Algermozi. “There’s been a large interest from the international community and the program will allow us to fulfil that interest.”

The program is open to all parties searching for a disruptive marine coating that will reduce biofouling and corrosion.

GrapheneCoat™ is GIT’s innovative marine coating which utilizes graphene to create a formula that works to protect ship hulls from corrosion and biofouling. In turn, it helps to increase fuel efficiencies and the longevity of boat hulls. By discouraging the growth of organisms, the innovative coatings drastically improve the performance of a boat over its lifetime.

“GIT is positioning this program as an opportunity for collaboration with potential strategic partners, however big or small they may be,” explained GIT co-founder Marciel Gaier. “It will give us better insight into individual user needs and also gather important feedback as we launch GrapheneCoat™ commercially later this year.”

The pilot program is a strategic product development initiative for GIT and is not a sales program. GIT is offering successful recipients access to materials at a significantly reduced cost. The collection of testimonials and results data is expected.

How it Works

Applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis throughout 2018. Those selected for an interview will be contacted to learn more about individual needs and an assessment will be conducted.

  • Interest in partnering with an innovative materials technology company
  • Have a need for anti-biofouling and/or non-corrosive marine coatings
  • Passionate about reducing harmful toxins in the marine environment
  • Looking to reduce costs related to maintenance and/or fuel consumption (drag reduction)

To apply for the program, click here.

About Graphite Innovation and Technologies

Graphite Innovation & Technologies Inc. (GIT) is a leading Canadian materials engineering firm focused on delivering disruptive uses for graphene and graphite ingredients.

Graphite Innovation & Technologies Inc. (GIT) works in partnership with its customers using its proprietary “bottom-up” process for the production of high specification graphene. Graphite Innovation & Technologies Inc. (GIT) owns the intellectual property and know-how behind this process. We provide dispersion and product integration expertise, to deliver solutions for a wide range of applications.