GIT Wins 2022 Discovery Award for Innovation in Maritime Industry

We at Graphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT) are proud to announce our recent win of the 2022 Discovery Award for innovation, in support of the Discovery Centre. This award celebrates outstanding innovators whose achievements in science and technology put Nova Scotia at the forefront of global innovation. 

We received the award for our commercial development of XGIT-FUEL and XGIT-PROP, two products that have been proven to aid in the decarbonization of the maritime industry. Our innovative business practices and strategic planning allowed us to bring our cutting-edge technologies to market, resulting in a commercially viable product that is making a real impact in the industry. 

With our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the shipping industry, we are at the forefront of the drive towards a greener future for the maritime industry. The Discovery Award for innovation is a testament to our game-changing achievements and our continued commitment to driving change and improving the sustainability of the industry.