Driving Decarbonization in Halifax with GIT Coatings

Local company GIT Coatings is helping Halifax Transit reduce carbon emissions

December 05, 2023 (Halifax, Canada) — Building on a shared belief that a more sustainable community is a healthier community, Halifax Transit hired GIT Coatings (Graphite Innovation & Technologies) to apply graphene-based coatings to the hull and propeller of the Rita Joe ferry.

Home to the oldest salt-water passenger ferry service in North America, Halifax Transit ferries operate in the Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia, also known as Kjipuktuk located in Mi’kma’ki on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

Halifax Transit’s vessel, the Rita Joe, is the namesake of a local Mi’kmaq poet as a memorial tribute to her legacy. The 24 meters long vessel has been in service since 2018 and has a cruising speed of 9 knots.

The graphene-based, biocide-free high performance foul release coatings, XGIT-Fuel was applied to the underwater hull while XGIT-Prop was applied to eight propeller blades.

The application took place at CME (Canadian Maritime Engineering Ltd.) in Sambro, Nova Scota. Since then, the Rita Joe has returned to Halifax Harbour for service between Downtown Halifax and Alderney Landing and Woodside Terminals in Dartmouth.

The application of GIT Coatings helps improve vessel efficiency and sustainability. The hard foul release coatings are absent of biocides, have ultra-low VOC content and smooth finish which will minimize drag and reduce the overall emissions of the vessel.

In addition, GIT Coating has recently announced that they will be moving to a carbon neutral facility in Dartmouth. This facility and coating application will further accelerate Halifax’s commitment to becoming a net-zero carbon neutral economy by 2050.

“Halifax Transit is pleased to work with GIT Coatings, a local business, to apply graphene-based coatings to the hull and propeller of the Rita Joe. We look forward to the results of this new product as the ferry is in service and appreciate the sustainability benefits of this coating for the overall goals of HalifACT”. – Mervin David, Manager of Ferry Operations

GIT Coatings is a locally operated, global export company which has long roots in the Halifax area. In 2014, co-founders Dr. Marciel Gaier and Mo AlGermozi first met in a materials engineering lab at Dalhousie University campus in Halifax.

Since then, GIT Coatings has grown substantially. In 2023, the company has coated over 100 oceangoing vessels globally. GIT Coatings has also recently been named as a finalist for the Innovative Business of the Year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

Mo AlGermozi, CEO of GIT Coatings, remarked, “This collaboration is a great way to demonstrate collective efforts towards sustainable operations in our harbour. When any local community member takes the Rita Joe they should know now that they have contributed to the overall wellbeing of the climate and the ocean they should be rest assured.”

From local to global, GIT Coatings has been able to significantly reduce the impact traditional marine coatings have on our environment. Their smart solutions are the most sustainable marine coatings in the world, made here in Halifax while being exported around the world. GIT is proud of Halifax’s shared commitment to a sustainable future.

About GIT Coatings: GIT Coatings (Graphite Innovation & Technologies Inc) is a Canadian company developing sustainable graphene-based hull and propeller coatings. With a commitment to delivering environmentally friendly, efficient, and economically viable solutions, the company is helping ship owners reach optimal vessel performance while achieving sustainability goals. Having coated over 100 vessels with their graphene-based solutions in 2023, GIT Coatings is displaying remarkable growth.

About Halifax Transit: Halifax Transit, the largest public transit system in Atlantic Canada, operates five ferries, and a fleet of 460 buses, including 47 paratransit buses. A workforce of more than 1000 employees provides a safe, reliable, and sustainable transit system for the residents of the municipality.