XGIT Unlocks Speed Increase for Sma’knis Maritime and Safety

May 31, 2022 (Dartmouth, Canada) — Graphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT), provider of the world’s most sustainable marine coatings, today shared exciting performance results with marine partner Sma’knis Maritime Safety & Security Inc. (SMSS).

SMSS is an indigenous-led marine service company that provides specialized port and ocean asset monitoring and response services, which tend to require fast vessel response. As a result, SMSS’ fleet includes specialized vessels optimized for maneuverability and high speeds.

Working with GIT, SMSS has applied the XGIT system of low-friction and biocide-free coatings across their fleet of vessels. After testing and technical trials, SMSS has seen an average speed increase of 1.0-2.1 knots and a reduction in power needed to maintain quick trip speed across its fleet. Performance testing was completed by technical experts on the SMSS team.

“Added speed is going to allow us to respond to incidents quicker and the reduced power is going to help us save fuel,” said Adam Kennedy, President of Sma’knis Maritime Safety and Security Inc.. “We are thrilled to see these results.”

GIT has partnered with SMSS and other leading maritime service companies through the “Smart Protective Coatings Project”, with partial funding support from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. The results observed by SMSS are aligning with the anticipated benefits of the project, namely the improved efficiency from the application of the graphene-based marine coating XGIT™ on the shipping hull and propeller of select vessels.

“Mr. Kennedy and the team at Sma’knis (Maritime Safety and Security Inc.) are seeing what other vessel operators are experiencing in the real-world,” said Mo AlGermozi, President and CEO of GIT. “The XGIT system is boosting the performance and efficiency of vessels of all shapes and sizes.”

About Graphite Innovation and Technologies Inc. (GIT)

GIT is a leading Canadian materials engineering firm focused on delivering disruptive uses for graphene technologies. GIT supplies the world’s most sustainable marine coatings to the maritime transportation sector.

About Sma’knis Maritime Safety & Security Inc.

Sma’knis Maritime Safety & Security Inc. operates patrol boats and crews that secure customer assets while they are anchored, alongside, or in transit in shipping lanes or while in port. Sma’knis also conduct safety training for crews working around marine environments.